Industrial cleaning

Our Industrials models are standards products which can be used for various cleaning tasks. Those products are compacts and powerfuls, they can easily be moved to various work unit. It is used to clean and remove dirt or grease from machine parts especially before applying the final treatment. In addition, this product can also remove rust and accelerate any chemical process. This process is often used by the military, pharmaceutical, automotive and aerospace industries. They are used to immerse and cleaned industrials heavy parts. As a result, the company using this product saves time but also decreases labor costs. Those models also has a cycle timer as well as a digital temperature controller. Tanks are made of stainless-steel 316L. They are also equipped with overflow weir and stainless-steel drain ball valve. Optional peripherals can also be purchased. Ask us for our various Ultrasonic Cleaner & Ultrasonic Cleaners.